Saving the echoes one mind at a time.

3 Lessons learned in 2020.

If anyone had told me that 2020 would be like this, I'd have laughed and dismissed their sentiments.

Merry Christmas 2020!!

Mindechowriter wishes you a Merry Christmas 2020. May you make merry and forget the traumas of the year as you celebrate with your loved ones. Yours, Mindechowriter.

Classroom Conversation on Relationships I

The good girls, who cook and clean up well after themsleves are the least demanded for.

Foundations of self-Love.

Once you love yourself, you're able to attract one that will love you.

Con Artists in Kenya: How I lost both UN stamped dollars in a safe and my money.

His name was Sly. He is a handsome pilot who owned a Subaru and went out every weekend after work.

Drowning not.

Just the other day I had reached the climax of drowning having tried to stay afloat for a very long time.

Throwback Thursday.

Today is a throwback Thursday. I took time to read through my old posts from when I started this blog.

My First Time.

The training was very intense. We were always ready to depart to the airport at six in the morning. Those who never kept time were left behind. They would find their means of transport to get there before the last student pilot alighted from the school van.

Becoming A Pilot In Kenya: The Flight Assessment.

One is required to fill a form with their personal details, attend a medical checkup and qualify for the issuance of a medical certificate then pay for the flight assesment. A medical check is carried out by a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) of which are published in every school's brochure. A flight assesment is a cheap way to evaluate if one can become a competent pilot before paying the grand amount required for the courses.

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