The secret to happiness is Self-love.

10 Surprising Reasons Not To Be A Guest In Their Houses.

Some will insist that you spend the night. You had planned to visit and leave later that night, but they want you to stay.

The Overcompensating Parent

Due to its popularity, here is easy access to this article. As a parent, choose to be present for your children.


Overcompensation is an excessive reaction to a feeling of guilt leading to an exagerrated attempt to overcome the feeling. An overcompensation parent will therefore be one who feels obliged to overcome the guilt feeling they have for not providing the best things for their children by buying for them gifts.

Parents do the best to provide us with all that we ask from them on top of the basic needs of life. Do some parents overcompensate their children? Are you a child who was brought up by overcompensating parents?

Most of the modern day parents overcompensate a lot. They would choose to put in extra hours to receive overtime pay that will help meet their childrens material wants. As for most of the well-to-do parents, they believe that compensating for time meant for bonding with their children with gifts will help keep their children happy.

One child asked their parent…

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Here’s Why Overnight Success Is A Myth.

In these times of the microwave generation, I recently attended an online session on creative thinking whereby the host asked us this question, "Would you take Ksh. 20M if I gave you or doubled and compounded Ksh. 1 daily for 30 days?"

Benefits Of Practicing Self-Love.

Self-love is a journey that requires no shortcuts. One has to grow step by step.

The 3 Surprising Main Qualities Of A Good Best friend.

Would you say that you have a best friend? Do you have someone you would call when you need them? Every gender needs a best friend who may be same-sex or opposite-sex.

How to Overcome Self-Doubt.

How are you able to stay afloat without feeling the unnecessary pressure? You cannot because it is all over on social media.

3 Easy Self-Love Weekend Checklist.

Where will you be by the time Tuesday kicks in?

How to know your self-love language.

I love my self-love journey and discovering my love language creates a deeper awareness of myself. What is your self-love language?

Exhausted Not.

I need a break. I am too tired to do anything at all. In fact, I need a getaway but the way I am broke, what will I do?

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